Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage

Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural healing essences to enhance wellbeing. As a herbalist uses the whole constituent of the plant for the patient to ingest, an Aroma therapist will use the essence or the life force of a plant, this will be applied either through massage, steam inhalation, or in the bath.

It is know more generally through the art of massage, blended with a vegetable oil such as almond oil.

Essential oils come from flowers, herbs, roots, bark, twigs and branches, and they all have a profound effect on the body. So it takes a lot of expertise to know how to create the right blend when giving a treatment.

Essences work on the physical and emotional body, and when administrated by a experienced masseuse can have a very deep and healing effect.

All plant life, Trees, Herbs, Flowers, Roots, have an Astrological resonance, and herbalists like Culpepper and even Hippocrates new the Astrological value of treating people with herbs and essences. As an Astrologer, Carol Houseman adds that tool to her knowledge as an Aroma therapist when blending oils.

Using this knowledge Carol has a range of natural products ‘The Eternal Flame Collection’ which you can source by clicking here…..

 Aromatherapy Massage Reflexology and Reiki

Carol usually combines all of these therapies in one holistic treatment, which leads to a really relaxed and therapeutic experience. But if you just want one of the above then that is perfectly possible, it’s just up to individual taste.

The type of massage used is Holistic which means treating the mind and body as a whole, working not just with the muscles but the Chakra’s and Meridians of the body , allowing the body to reach a place of the very deepest feeling of wellbeing.


Working on the zones of the feet, with gentle but firm touch, effects the whole of the body in a healing way. So it can be very effective for people who suffer from all kinds of ailments, who wish not to have don’t  a complete body massage.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a simple natural and safe method of hands on healing which is always deeply comforting, and can have profound effects on illness and stress. It works on all levels of healing quietening the mind, calming the body and uplifting the spirit.

The cost of each treatment will depend on how much time  each individual client would like to receive.

An example would be £53.00 for one and a quarter hour appointment .