The planets set the stage and we write the scripts

At the moment of our birth, the position of the planets in the sky make a blue print of the personality your soul will inhabit, thus creating a unique experience of our world and of those around us.

Our personality and body are the perfect vehicle for our soul to inhabit in this lifetime, each one of us with different talents and gifts, and equally so with challenges and difficulties in our lives ‘What doesn’t kill us helps us to grow.’

So although when things are difficult and we feel we may have lost our way, the reason could be to help the core of ourselves expand into a new awareness. It is the task of the Astrologer to help to facilitate that change.

Most people come to have their Astrological Chart read when they are at a point of time when challenge is occurring in their life.

I like to think of an Astrological Chart as an A-Z of life. We are born with so much potential, that some of it gets lost along the way and we forget some of our innate talents and gifts. Places where we have lost confidence in , so we shut the door that leads to success in that area.

Think of being born in a large mansion, but after a while we close so many rooms that we are left in a two bedroom flat, cosy but small and that comfortable safe feeling keeps us small.

The problem is that we weren’t meant to be small, we were meant to live with purpose and enjoyment.

So the job of an Astrologer is help find the way through to a happier, successful more productive experience of life , and point us in the direction of success and ease as much as it is possible.

Astrology isn’t fortune telling, it can point to trends and can be of considerable benefit, but we all have the greatest gift of all .,

The gift of free will, so ultimately we all have the power of choice.

The work of an astrologer is to  empower and to help a person to get firmly behind the steering wheel of life heading towards confidence and success.
The price of an Astrological Reading is £65.00 This includes the drawing up of your chart that is then laminated to keep it safe, everything will be recorded on to a CD for you to keep, and the reading will last between one hour and an hour and a half.