About the Hestia Clinic

‘Hestia’ originates from Ancient Greece, where ‘Hestia’ was the ‘Goddess of Eternal flame’, ruling both the physical and spiritual aspects of the eternal flame.

Physically, ‘The Goddess of the Hearth and Home’ keeping people warm, safe and secure.

Spiritually ‘Hestia’ keeps the light aflame in our hearts, keeping us aligned with our souls purpose.

‘The Hestia Clinic’ aims to provide a safe haven in a tranquil setting , where you can find a therapy or a treatment giving you an unforgettable experience of comfort and wellbeing thus leaving you with a warm healthy glow, both inside and out.

What is on offer at the ‘Hestia clinic’

  • Aromatherapy
  • Holistic Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki Healing
  • NLP
  • Counselling
  • Astrology

Carol Houseman is the founder of ‘The Hestia Clinic’ and ‘The Eternal Flame Products’.

She has been a Complimentary Therapist for twenty five years, and before that worked as a nurse and a social worker, so has had a life dedicated to working within the caring profession.

Training in’ Aromatherapy’ and ‘Holistic Massage in 1982, she went on to study Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing at ‘The Atkinson Ball College of Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypno healing, incorporating NLP within that work. She is also an Astrologer with 30 years experience.

A graduate of the ‘Psychology of Vision’ 100day training programme, Carol takes a psycho-spiritual approach to all issues and problems.

She also has taught ‘Aromatherapy’ in various colleges over a number of years, also she has facilitated many life enhancing workshops, mainly aimed at empowering women.

The ‘Hestia products have evolved through many years of preparing lotions and potions for clients.. and with 30 years of experience behind her with many trusted products already being used regularly by clients, she has now bought to the table a complete range of beautiful natural products that are aimed at ‘true well-being’ using her vast knowledge as an experienced Aromatherapist and Astrologer matching herbs, spices, oil’s and essences with Astrological alinement’s. In history.., Hyppocrates. the father of medicine (where the Hippocratic oath derives from) was an Astrologer and a Herbalist using the same methods that Medical Astrologers do today..So these methods of health and healing have been tried and tested over a long period of time.
As well as the medical side of ‘Hestia’ products.. There is a fun side to happy healthy body’s !! and the ‘FOUR ELEMENT RANGE’. ‘LUXURY’ and the innovative ‘FINGERPRINT’range bring the fun back into healing products.. so go and travel into the world of ‘THE HESTIA SHOP’ and see what it has to offer.. all products are packaged as much as is possible with recyclable products.. and all the ingredients of para ban free and sourced as much as possible from sustainable sites.. So ‘Hestia’ Products as as good for the environment as they are for you..

Carol currently lives in Lunac, France with her husband Philip, and between them have three grown up daughters, one son and three grandchildren.